Once upon a time

Once upon a time there lived a little princess, who completely changed her parents’ lives, making them think differently about how their home could be organised and decorated. Her Daddy was an interior designer, specialised in renovating apartments and space planning. Her Mummy loved bargain hunting at flea markets for vintage furniture, and creating magical atmospheres for their little Parisian nest.

Even though she was only knee-high to a grasshopper, the little princess managed to take over most of the family’s territory with her teddies and her bedroom was already full, with a bed, chest of drawers and little desk. Something had to be done! Her Daddy designed a high cabin bed, with a built-in wardrobe and bookshelf, to free up space on the floor. Her Mummy found some original pieces of furniture and decorative accessories that were not harmful for her well-being or health. What a great den her bedroom became!

Now the little princess has grown up, and her bedroom has evolved with her needs. She loves to have friends round on Wednesday afternoons, have tea-parties with her dolls, sit in her little armchair to read stories, or at her desk to draw works of art. Meanwhile, her parents have continued designing bespoke bedrooms, so that other children can blossom in a safe, play environment…

What do we do ?

We provide solutions to your space problems

Questions: How are we going to manage with 2 children in a tiny bedroom? How can we create a baby area in the parents’ bedroom? Will we have to move when N° 3 arrives? Fifteen years’ experience dedicated to optimizing living space, enables us to offer solutions adapted to your needs. We re-think your living area to offer every child a space to enjoy growing up.

We design bedrooms that grow with your children

From birth to adolescence, a child spends over half his time in his bedroom. He sleeps, plays, does his homework and rests… Thanks to our experience as parents, we design spaces and furniture adapted to your children’s needs that combine aesthetics and safety.

We help you to offer them cleaner air

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), indoor pollution, allergies, asthma… The media and public bodies are constantly warning us about air quality in our homes, full of toxic chemical particles. However, solutions are available to purify our indoor air and get rid of dust mites: through choosing the best materials, healthier textiles and better-made toys … We accompany you to ensure your children’s well-being. Let’s breathe again!

How does it work ?

1. We meet up…

Every family has their own habits and routines. Tell us about your daily lifestyle and we can adapt our proposal to your personality.

2. First sketches, first quotation

After having studied your designated area, we provide you with an architect’s sketch and a first estimate. We refine the project together until it reaches your expectations.

3. Let’s get sorting !

Put to one side the things you wish to keep, pretty objects that are not harmful, as well as those things important for your child’s emotional environment. Give the things you do not wish to keep to charity, if they are in good condition and could be enjoyed by other children. Recycle anything that pollutes your indoor air…

4. Shopping day

Take a day off, we are going shopping! We shall take you to meet our preferred suppliers, to choose materials, paint, floor coverings, furniture and fabrics … finishing the day with a trip to the toy shop, where we shall help you to scrutinize the labels!

2. Getting down to work

Kidigreen not only offer advice and design but also provide the labour. Our team takes care of the building work, carpentry, painting and decorating: so you can sleep soundly.

6. Children first

Safety, well-being, health… From the start to the end of the project, the child is always our primary concern.